Connected Car Platform

There are benefits in blending ’new’ connectivity features with conventional car services to differentiate customer proposition, remove pain points, offer a natural transition to connectivity and mobility solutions.

We design and built custom connectivity solutions for OEMs, distributors and dealers to deepen relationship with customers, increase after sales revenues and differentiate your offering.

Conventional Features

• Booking service appointments
• Tire buying, change, service bookings
• Car doctor – diagnostic a problem
• Roadside assistance request
• Link to insurance products

Connected Features

• Car locator
• Driving score
• Driving statistics
• Trips and trip analysis
• Parental guidance, speed limiting
• Valet mode -Geofence
• Towing alert
• Dashboard lights
• Service station locations
• Emergency call


Get into your customer’s mobile phone

Auto related offerings are usually very fragmented and few customers keep 3-5 applications in their phone to manage their car’s need.
Be the one to aggregate conventional and connected features to increase your chance of securing a spot on your customer’s mobile phone.

Increase after sales revenue

Few OEMs or distributors keep in regular touch with their customers after the completion of the sales process. This hampers their high margin follow up parts and sales revenues.
Connected car applications enables you to proactively engage with your customer, just when they need your services, increasing the convergence.

Differentiate your offer

Host of connected and conventional services that we can enable you to bring to your customers are still provided standard only on very high and usually expensive makes.
Broaden the reach to differentiate your offering, while increasing the sales throughput, especially on second hand businesses you’ll also have a higher chance of up-selling your services in the near future.