Technology for innovative mobility solutions.

Founded in 2005, Vektor Mobility is a Technology and Solutions Provider for New and Innovative Mobility Concepts like Car Sharing and Ride Pooling. Built our vast experience in telematics and fleet management we have developed our mobility solution suit since 2014.

We are the solution provider of leading OEMs, Telecoms and car leasing/rental companies like Renault, Porsche Holding, VW, Vodafone, Turkcell, TikTak among other.

Vektor Mobility

Our development team of new mobility solutions is based in Istanbul, a great mobility lab, a city with 17M inhabitants, excessive traffic and limited public transport, with existing privately run shared mobility solutions that evolved over time to compensate for the lack of public transport. Our solutions are engineered and tested and fine-tuned in this playground, digitalizing existing shared shuttle services to improve the operation and expand the market reach.

This approach enables us to test our solutions in real life with not just few demo runs, but with thousands of vehicles from day one. Our proven solutions enable our customers (usually OEMs, car rental companies, transportation service providers) to launch mobility services quickly, operate efficiently, and scale over time. Mobility solutions powered by Vektor Mobility Platform currently processes over 15M rides per year through over 5000 shared vehicles.


Throughout the verticals we serve, we serve over 500 clients, majority of them are corporations where we offer some solution to their mobility requirements. We also work with leading automotive manufacturers, leasing and rental companies and mobility operators. Below are some examples. We’ll be happy to share more information on past work once you contact us.

Beyond Conceptual

We are empowered by the real field experience through data collected from the field, vehicles and customers alike to further improve our solutions.

Our platform powers various mobility solutions serving both corporate and end user customers around the globe.

Passenger rides per year


Our ride pooling solution managing commute shuttle solutions eases one of the most cumbersome parts of travel, the commute.

Shared vehicles


Shared shuttles ferrying people to work, shared cars replacing car ownership thanks to our solutions.

Registered users


Shared mobility customers getting serviced by our solutions each and every day.


Kerem Tiryakioglu

Kerem Tiryakioglu is the founder and CEO of Vektor. Kerem has been in telematics and mobility scene since 2005 when he founded Vektor Mobility. Prior to Vektor he worked as a management consultant for Bain & Company. He holds a B.S degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor Economics from the Johns Hopkins University in 1999.

Burak Ulutoprak

Burak Ulutoprak is the CTO of Vektor. He entered the mobility scene as the CTO of Vektor Mobility in 2014. Prior to Vektor he worked as the chief architect in finance, defense and BPM AI companies. He holds a BS in Computer Science from ODTU.


Since launching our first commercial solution in 2006 we have acquired over 500 customers and now manage over 50k assets.


We are developing our solutions in one of the best testbeds for mobility, Istanbul and servicing our customers globally. We are a certified R&D center for mobility solutions and are continuously working for new team members to join us!!


Büyükdere Caddesi, 237 Noramin B4 Maslak, Sarıyer, Istanbul, 34485, Türkiye


T: +90 212 251 35 55